Healing occurs when Children are given the Opportunity to Go Deep within, Identify Feelings and become Aware.


Go back to your childhood.


Ma's shout of anger had the power to subdue us. Dad's mere presence could rile us up. A teacher's stern stare had the power to make us feel irrelevant and downsized.


God forbid if you were one of those sensitive ones:)


A look, an eyebrow twitch,a word or even say, being ignored created feelings of fear, anger, humiliation - sometimes all rolled in one. Colours of holi, a stranger in our midst , a forced study session , a taunt in front of guests.

The traumas may be forgotton , but they are still there, dormant, waiting for either a reaction or a release. 

And layers kept getting added to the muck over the years, ultimately manifesting in huge-unsolvable people -oriented issues.


So, what we do. Can we protect our children from the harsh world, ourselves and themselves?


We could teach them to become AWARE.


The moment I get in touch with my feelings, I set in motion the process of release - freeing myself and my environment from the cycle of pain- emotion-pain. 

That's what I believe.