Imagine your 5 year old daughter cycling to glory on the road near your house. She hits a tree, falls down and injures herself. There is no one around. What do you think happens next- Would she wail for help and refuse to touch a cycle again or would she dry her tears, brush off the dust and get back on the cycle?

Your 12 year old has always been quite diligent in academics. On the D-day, he walks up the examination hall ready to ace the Maths paper and to his horror, realizes that he is due for the Science paper in the next ten minutes. Does his lose his mental balance or does he calmly try to recollect all that he can?

Your 8 year old is at home all alone. The doorbell rings. She recognizes her best friend’s father and out of caution, does not open the door. You applaud her action to place her safety foremost. However, the next day, her best friend gives her the cold shoulder. Your daughter is upset beyond words.What would you do?

Using a plethora of tools like Art and Craft,Story telling,Demonstrations ,Role Plays, Multimedia  and Games and Activities,it is my aim to create an safe environment for the child to

                                       1) feel the need to explore within and

                                       2) openly express his thoughts and opinions.

Churning of the mind and heart is crucial for release of unwanted emotions.

We discuss our reflections and collectively feel better.