An unexpected release….

A child’s play is in reality,No Child’s Play!

A running race (affectionately called so) is a race for power, prestige and recognition and my daughters aged 5 and 2 have made them a part of their everyday play.

Since I have this incurable habit of observing them as and when I can, I couldn’t help but notice that Aanya (the elder one) would win every single time. Not because she was faster or stronger but because she would push Radha out of her way to be the winner. I would rack my brains to find a non-threatening long term solution which I could be sure would work. Research helped.

During one such series of races, wherein Aanya would inadvertently win everytime, my hubby caught hold of her and held her prisoner till Radha finally waddled over to the finish line. Hilarity ensued as Aanya squirmed like crazy but could not free herself from her father’s tight embrace.“You are trying to win from this chutku?” Aanya burst into peals of laughter- the type which makes the onlookers giggle. “Is Pingu se first aana tha?”

And then the unbelievable happened-Aanya burst into tears and said- “I never come first papa. Even at school, I never come first!”

Our gazes met. My hubby recovered from the shock and said- What is more important-running the race or winning?

As she absorbed the question, he revealed a side of him I never knew. “Jab main chota tha, I never came first; but I never stopped running or playing.”

Aanya gazed at him with tear filled eyes with heartfelt adoration in her eyes. She proceeded to give him a smile, then a giggle and then she went on her merry way.

My learning from this soul stirring incident is simple- So much emotional crap gets buried deep into the child’s psyche.I was reminded that when you relive those feelings of loss, despair, hatred or upsets and learn to accept and be okay with that feeling, it gets shot out of your system FOREVER. 

And the child feels light and relaxed and loved.

Observe your child. Watch out for those triggers. Go deep. Cross- check it with your own baggage (no doubt, you will find a correlation somewhere).Be that child. Be that feeling and LET GO.

Hope you have a peaceful week.

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