Miserable as most parents are in the first year, I read books frantically and went in and out of internet pages like the zombie I had become. And when nothing else served us, time did. The genie is finally out of the bottle!
To clarify, my daughter is now officially on a schedule. Well, to say the least. Even after around 14 hours of sleep, the sparkling rays of sun can do little to raise the Little One from her stupor. The alarm clock is strictly “Adults only” and it is only post our constant nudging that she wakes up, a smile plastered all over her face as if to say” Hey guys, I am really tired after all that sleeping  ; let’s now relax in bed.”
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Not the ones to give up, we push and prompt her to have her early morning glass of milk which she gulps down and looks hopefully at us again. Ice cream, dear parents? We look at her firmly in the eye and refuse. She giggles and we lose out to the fair maiden!

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Her day begins. It seems jaywalking around the house gives her a sense of accomplishment, as if   remarking her territory! What’s new, her mind says, as she topples over discarded clothes, falls on misplaced toys and bungee-jumps on the sofa (which is BTW, dead and on life support!). The refrigerator is tested for its strength and the television is embraced with a vigour which would put our Indian socialites to shame. The pigeons are called to attendance and plants are kissed and wished good morning. My life has changed forever.
Once done, she is hauled to the water kingdom where she pampers herself with the creams and shampoos of the world. Cleopatra is dressed, accessorised and is then ready for….”Breakfast”! She wrinkles her nose in disgust at the mere ensemble!
As if following the diet regimen of a successful heroine, she picks at her food carefully! Food is gazed upon with frank curiosity, sorted, mashed and as if it were not enough, thrown down on the floor for extra measure! Everything is an adventure and all adventures are to be cleaned up by Mommy. Not just the adventure but the adventurer too!

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An exasperated mum and a changed dress later, she is promptly taken for a jaunty morning walk. While she jogs towards destination “unknown”, she soaks in the flora and the fauna (fauna here refers to the stray dogs patrolling the area), all the while urging her slowly but surely aging mother to keep up. 
A few lifetimes later, we are back at home. All that masti comes at a price. She somehow manages to gobble down her lunch with half open eyes before she snuggles down for a nap!   All my senses get on high alert. Multi tasking achieves a whole new level. Meals are prepared and calls are returned. Bills are paid and facebook is accessed. The tornado vortex I call my home starts looking that…a home.
But all too soon, she is up and all set for play date sessions!
'I think we should reschedule, Bob's got the hiccups.'
‘I think we should reschedule, Bob’s got the hiccups.’
Seriously, I snort in contempt. It’s more like a hen fight, complete with the ruckus. Only difference, the mothers are trying (oh so helplessly) to get their children to share their toys! Yeah, getting a piglet to chirp “do re me” is much easier in comparison! Once the yelling and screeching and cussing (no, that‘s just the moms!) ends, it’s time to watch “ChotaBheem”. Ever wonder how that dhoti clad cute looking guy can keep eating laddoos back to back? Whoa, better switch my thoughts before I venture into that line of thought.
Dinner is a subdued affair. The crazy air balloon has been deflated, the battery is mercilessly battling for life, sleep beckons and she starts sinking on the dinner chair, signing off. Before u could say “Gundakiffkosildeffuhasdiluhov” the parents have tucked her and themselves in bed! Often, we forget to say goodnight or lock the front door!
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On rare days when I get up at dawn, just to watch the sun rise and have my weekly AAGS (Appraisal and Goal setting) meetings with The Smart One, I realise that I am lucky. That’s it. Plain old lucky. Yes, my feet ache and my arms shriek from the overtime demands! But to have a young breathing, amazingly adorable, lively doll to call your own! Isn’t all that we wanted since we were little kids?


  1. Shivangi..Nice one on Mommy routine with toddler,i have a daughter who in kindergarden,can very corelate the daily schedule and activity.I enjoyed ur way of writing.

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