Well, I have been married for seven years now. In this era of divorces and live-ins, many people ask us about the secret of our long and seemingly happy married life. I blush and reply “True love, I guess”. In one instance, my husband simultaneously replied  with a grin “Take- aways”.

He did not get dinner…again.

When I was working full time (yeah right, you say!), the mad traffic rush did little to soothe my already frazzled nerves. I mean, it’s not easy pretending to be busy in the first half of the day, networking over lunch and coffees and then trying to keep awake during the second half of the day. Not to mention the conversations over face book and around water coolers. I am sure you appreciate the amount of effort required to hear gossip, modify the content, put in twists and turns and forward it under deadlines, of course.
By the time I would reach home, my tummy would be growling in protest. Once inside the door, I would kick off my sandals, shove my laptop bag where I could not see it till I had to, and run to the fridge just like Kajol ran towards Sharukh, my arms outstretched. Twisting my body into various yogic positions, I would search the refrigerator for anything edible. But the law of “Life is a Joke” says “you can only take out what you put in!

Shaken and sad, I would look at the carrots and radishes stored therein and mentally kick myself for being so prim and propah when presented with an opportunity to  buy (easy to make )office friendly veggies like well… there are no office friendly veggies!!Truly, Indians as one single entity have yet to honour the one man responsible for the growth of the Indian economy -The inventor of maggi. I mean how can one dish be tasty and so easy and quick to make and … oh damn it , one more blog that I ll need to write!!
Every marriage grows with time .Just like we grew from passing sarcasm on each other to injuring each other , we also graduated from maggis to pasta and pizzas. Thanks to the Italians , my husband is still alive!
In the interest of our health, we decided to hire a maid to cook for us. The first day it was hot. No, I am NOT talking about the maid but about the dinner. So spicy, I swear I could feel the smoke coming out of my ears. The next day, she had prepared enough food to feed the Indian army. You could throw in a couple of Sumo wrestlers for company too. “By Mishtakes”, she giggled. And the third day, it was shlightly overdone. A week later, I could have sworn we were being fed pieces of rubber , pressure cooked and all spiced up. When we ended up bidding her goodbye, her obvious question was “why?? Shir not liking ?”

So, what’s the big deal about cooking ,really? Our moms used to do it , all the time . and they did not have face book to let the steam off . In that case, what is it about this generation that we females do not have the passion or the perseverance to cook a myriad of dishes (because chinky beti ko toh karela bilkul acacha nahi lagta!) for our families day in and day out? I guess in the end it boils down to a tug of war between what the primitive man (read woman) did and what the power woman of today can do.
In the end , as long as our husbands help us in the kitchen, eat what they are served and generally agree to whatever we ask them to, let’s just take each meal as it comes. What say?


  1. I'd have to agree, it felt like the story had just begun and it kinda ended all of a sudden ! Nevertheless very descriptive and well written ! write more often..will ya ? weekly musings ?

  2. It was awesome… Really nice… I face the same dilemma everyday as to what to cook. My husband wants the same old dishes – rotis, dal, rice and 1 vegetable, yet it is a difficult task cooking the same things everyday!!!! Which vegetable? Which dal? How much rice? How many rotis? I ask these questions as if answering them would give us the solution to terrorism. Any way, all in all, it was a fantastic read.. Keep it up, dear sis…

  3. I believe that brevity is the soul of wit! Hence the shortness of the experience !BTW, thanks for the nice compliments! I am just an amateur and still getting in the groove. Hope to be able to write more frequently!

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